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Adults $5
Military & Seniors $4.50
Children ages 5-12 $3
Children under 5 Free

REGULAR TOURS: The Museum is open every Thursday and Friday from 1-5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. -4 p.m. for you to visit. Living History tours take you back to 1910 when this Railway Depot was built. Admission to the Railway Museum is $3-5. 


SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION TOURS: If you would like a tour for your school or other organization, please call us or email ahead of time so that we may plan with you.

Want to be a tour guide?
Looking for adventure? Cool clothes? Fun?


Look no further than the Railway Museum of San Angelo.  We’re looking for adventurous folks to serve as living history guides and transport people back to 1910 when the railway depot was built.  


Living History tours are Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and there are other volunteer opportunities on Thursday and Friday from 1-5 p.m. You’ll be richly paid with the gratitude of visitors (and that’s all)!

 703 S. Chadbourne in
downtown San Angelo, Texas


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