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San Angelo City Council

72 W. College Street

San Angelo, Texas  76903


Subject: Support for Amending the Railway Museum Contract and Allocating Hotel Occupancy Tax Dollars

Dear San Angelo City Council Members,

     I am writing to express my strong support for amending the current contract with the Railway Museum and allocating hotel occupancy tax dollars to support their valuable historic preservation efforts. I respectfully request that you consider the Museum's proposal to receive $25,000 in hotel occupancy tax dollars to further their mission and contribute to the enrichment of our community.

     As a concerned citizen and supporter of cultural preservation, I believe that allocating funds to the Railway Museum is not only a wise investment in our city's heritage but also a strategic way to promote tourism, in accordance with the Texas Tax Code Chapter 351, Section 351.101. Specifically, the Code allows for the use of hotel occupancy tax revenue to support historical restoration and preservation projects or activities, which is precisely what the Railway Museum represents.


     The Railway Museum has already made remarkable accomplishments, including securing an $85,000 grant for a new HVAC system, a $25,000 grant for fencing materials, a $3,300 grant from Shuttered Venues, and an award from the Texas Historic Commission. These achievements highlight their commitment to preserving our local history and providing educational and cultural experiences to residents and visitors alike.


     The Museum's diverse programming, such as the Arthur Stilwell Dream of Steam, Cursed Crossing, 2nd Saturdays, Speaker Series, STEM programming, Santa's Santa Fe Christmas, and Living History Tours, offers engaging opportunities for our community to connect with our heritage. Furthermore, their reasonable admission fees, vendor booths, and event rentals contribute positively to our local economy.


     It's also worth noting that the Museum is actively seeking support through sponsorships, naming rights, memberships, and participation in events like San Angelo Gives, demonstrating their dedication to securing funding from various sources.

     In light of the Museum's contributions to our community and their plans for future development, I kindly urge you to consider the following steps:

1. Amend the contract with the Railway Museum to allow them to receive funds from the city, fostering a stronger partnership.


2. Approve the allocation of $25,000 in hotel occupancy tax dollars to support the Museum's historic preservation initiatives, in alignment with the Texas Tax Code.

     By taking these steps, we can ensure the continued success and growth of the Railway Museum, enhance our city's cultural offerings, and attract more tourists and convention delegates to visit our preserved historic sites and museums.

     I appreciate your time and consideration of this important matter. The Railway Museum is a valuable asset to our community, and your support will enable them to continue their vital work in preserving our history and enriching the lives of San Angelo residents and visitors.

     Thank you for your dedication to our city's well-being, and I look forward to a positive outcome in support of the Railway Museum's funding request.




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